Black Friday at Cabela's in Tulalip Washington.

I arrived there at 4:00 AM on Black Friday.
There were hundreds of people there, Cabela's setup Fire heaters for the crowd, and thet provided a live band which was in full force at 4:00 AM.
I handed out the few waterproof Christmas Card Tracts I had in a mere few minutes.
Next year I will have more on hand now that I know that Cabela's packs em in.


It has Started!!!

This week I went to the Open House at my Granddaughters school.

Upon arriving I looked around and seen general school surroundings. But I focused in on the front of the room where the in classroom library was. It was 3 tiers high, and out in front on the center tier (eye height to most of the kids), was this...

See it?

A Charles Darwin Biography for kids...
But it does NOT end there...

 A Planet Earth book with...

Millions and millions of Evolutionary years.

And look...

The FACT File...

Billions of years...  as Fact!!!

Makes me sick.