Painted Door

Yesterday I was troubled, plagued, disturbed, by yet another message on Moody Radio, by “the Pastor from “The Painted Door Church” in Chicago.

I have heard this pastor before as he seems to be a regular on Moody.
Last week he went on and on reciting a deep praising of his favorite baseball team, and the intimate things about the team and the players and the stats. His point was that people who say they came to Christ and abandoned their hobbies for further study in Christ, were wrong. Because we should, in his opinion, enjoy the things in this world.
In his points were that we should enjoy things of this world, but no mention of moderation, no mention of how sports, can become a god to many men, and that we can worship hobbies.
So I thought... OK, there is an allotted amount of time... cannot get too much in, but should have at least touched upon it.

Then there was yesterday.
Here he is again...
Talking about the community and how we should influence it as Christians.
So he went to mention that he was on a baseball team. Then he invited the team over for a BBQ that evening.
He states:
They brought way too much beer.
Dropped many “F” bombs.
Cursed Gods name in many ways.
Told jokes that were way off base.

Then he states that later he shared Jesus with them.
And did not offend them or insult them.
And now he calls these men friends.

I have a major dilemma here... Red flags went off all over.

Right at the beginning he mentions all the foul worldly things the men brought with them.
Yet from this and previous listening's from him, we are to reflect Christ.
(but I think he means American Christianity's version of a Loving, but not condemning jesus)

How odd that it appears that none of these men coming over seemed to know they were going to a pastors house. (Seems like maybe his plan to be like the world was working).

Then at the end, he doesn't say that he shared the Gospel with them and any were offended.
No! He states the common, “I shared jesus with them”, cliché.

And at the very end he calls these men friends, with no mention of a desire to confront them and pray that they may become Brothers.

Now I am NOT attempting to bash Moody or anyone, but....

And this is a troubling part for me...
Am I too skeptical?
Am I nitpicking?

I turned to Moody about a year ago and have noticed I like it less and less.
It is better than JOY-FM or SPIRIT-FM, but the more I listen, the more I hear the Joy and Spirit-FM's influence being brought out in Moody.

I hear solid people on Moody, then all of a sudden here is another preacher, not so solid, not addressing what the other Preacher said, but preaching some of the same things in an opposite understanding.

Example, you hear a Calvinistic :Salvation is by Grace, and is of the Lord.
Then you hear, Salvation is by Grace, but you need to make a decision.

So pick and choose... It is dis-heartning to me.

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