Obama a true Arminian...

Obama a true Arminian, sums up pretty good what “Easy Believable” and “Arminianism” teach...

With statements like “...the kind of life I would want to lead ” and that we should “... see God in other people and do our best to help them find their own grace. ”

Notice the power, and to whom it belongs to. "The kind of life I would want to lead. And this comes from a man who prides himself on his writing and speeches, one who prides himself on his ability to craft words to express what he wants. So it is in all fairness to dissect his crafted speech.

He followed a life that "he" would "want"... Lets stop there a second... This is a life that he wants, that he desires, and notice what follows... not him, he does not want to follow Jesus, he wants to lead... you could say that that is a figure of speech, but his actions prove otherwise on many levels, he does not want to follow, but to lead, and what allows him to lead???

Not the Jesus of the Bible who commands that all men repent, and do the will of the Father... But the Jesus of the Arminian who starts off with an equal relationship of God and man, not Father and child as seen in Scriptures, but as Buddies, Homies, Pals...

There is a major difference in proclaiming that you God is your friend and your God is your Home-Boy. And although Arminianism does not directly teach this, this is the path that it puts its foot on, and that it leads to when followed through.

He also states like may do... “... express my Christian faith “ In typical American Christian (Arminianism*) beliefs, that it is his faith as opposed to "The Christian" faith.

Although this may seem like nit-picking, I can attest through many witnessing opportunities, that one thing Americans are into and that is Universalism, both inside the church and outside the church. So in our speech, we should need to be careful to be sure that people understand that we are not sharing “our” faith, but rather “the Biblical” faith. There is a difference!!!

As clearly seen in Obama's faith, it could be said that it is Obama's Christianity, and his Christianity allows for murder of the un-born, and his Christianity allows for striking out all references to sodomy and homosexuality.

Clearly the popular "personal relationship" mentality has run a-muck, but because he chose God, then he dictates other things. Think about it, the relationship that has just "supposedly" started between Jesus and the Arminian, has them on equal terms, one could not do anything with out the other.

Poor little Jesus probably had to make a deal so that he would get chosen.

* Arminianism not all, but it is from Arminianism that place the next step in this direction.

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