American Christmas

American Christmas was at my house this year.
We intentionally kept this day as an American Christmas not about the birth of Christ, but as an American celebration, much like the 4th of July. We had a Christmas tree, and lights, no manger scene though or anything to confuse this twisted and humanistic holiday filled with myths, with Christs true history and purpose.
With the exception of praising God for our meals, this holiday was a success.
We opened presents, ate dinner, and had a great time playing with kids and grand kids.
Now some may ask... “What was he doing?”
And I'll respond that... I was separating a time that many mix, blend, and loose sight of what they “claim” is important to them.
Yes, I have heard many in the church claim that Christ is of utmost importance during American Christmas, and have been to their houses and seen that Yes they truly do have a manger scene in their front lawn or house. But they also have the cultic things dabbled there also such as a Tree, lights, Angels (blue-eyed blonde haired and female), Reindeer, Santa, Elves, etc...

If you think this a small matter, I believe you are mistaken.
If you think I am getting legalistic, you are wrong.

This reminds me of how Israel used to worship the Lord, and in the same day also worship Baal and the other gods in the high places.

Can a Christian celebrate Christs birth on Christmas and keep it biblical?
Yes, definably.

But even if it is, and parents are teaching their kids the biblical perspective on this day, they still see the advertizing, the branding of Santa, and all the Myths, side by side with Jesus, and it looks like Jesus is competing with Santa.

And if you give gifts to the kids for Christmas, you are confusing them again with American Christmas and NOT the birth of Christ. What does giving of physical gifts have to do with the Birth of Christ? Nothing, but it has everything to do with either Santa, or the American version of a Nativity where 3 Kings gave the baby Jesus gifts.

But although there were 3 gifts given, it is an American assumption that there were 3 wise-men, and it was NOT on the night Jesus was born, nor was there an in-keeper mentioned...

Small beans some may say, but is it that most professing Christians, do not know these simple things, they rather believe a “holly-wooded” version. Why not the truth?

Well that brings me to mention that although we celebrated an American Christmas, we here at the Adams household will be celebrating “Christs Birth” in January.
We will be having a day of Readings, Singing Praises, Praying, a Chronological explanation of what the Bible states about Jesus birth and youth, and a feast to celebrate the reminder of Christs birth.
There will be NO confusion involving gift giving, holiday lights, mythical characters etc... Just a biblical celebration.

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