New body of believers

Last Sunday I have checked out a new church.
And quite the polar opposite of the last church I checked out this was the extreme polar opposite.
I had only caught the last 5 minutes of the Sunday School, but it seemed very solid.
I will get there early next week to catch the whole class.
The Sunday preaching seemed quite biblical and I was pleased to see the content was right on.

I attended the Tuesday Men's group, and it lasted for over 2 hours.
we had 23 in attendance consisting of High School and up.
Plus we had a laptop that was Skyped to a missionary in Malaysia who wanted to be in attendance and accountability with a Church here, so the attendance was actually 24.
This was quite unique as part way into the meeting, we heard roosters crowing on his end as it was dawn in Malaysia.

After the 2 hour meeting, there were small groups that broke away.

I had to leave, but next week will stay.
I asked some there, and they explained that new people can stay in the main sanctuary, and after a while Pastor may assign you to a small group.
I was excited at this accountability, rather than a popularity method which is so common.

I will be missing this Wednesday Bible study... but will attend next week.
Hopefully with Juanita.

I also got a email for Red, who does local evangelizing.
I am hoping he reads emails and will get back with me in time for this Saturdays Night in the Tropics outting.

I look forwards to Sunday and will give it about a month before I make a decision, unless I see falseness.

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