Cruseship or Church...

"The church used to be a lightning bolt, now it's a cruise ship. We are not marching to Zion – we are sailing there with ease. In the apostolic church it says they were all amazed – and now in our churches everybody wants to be amused. The church began in the upper room with a bunch of men agonizing, and it's ending in the supper room with a bunch of people organizing. We mistake rattle for revival, and commotion for creation, and action for unction."   Leonard Ravenhill

The above quote hits an ever growing trend...
But it does not reflect Christs sheep. It is more of a reflection of the goats and the zoo of animals calling itself Christian. Christs sheep hear Gods Word as a lightning bolt. When His sheep attend a mixed fold of sheep and goats, they should recognize when they are not getting pure sheep food (Truth).

But many I feel are in a fold such as I was, a fold where there is sheep food but it is mixed in with goat food. And the leaders are deceivers in many places. Deceptive enough to feed just enough truth and blur the lines of truth and deception well enough to keep people there.

My point being that we need to be aware of these deceivers yet not let it rule our day. As Paul and Jesus did, we need to be ever vigilant of the deception, but not let it wavier us from celebrating that Gods Will, will be done. That Jesus will have ALL that God has promised Him, not one missing.

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