Old Church Youth up to the same...

My, my, my... “look!”
Declares LWC youth-ministry... “We are just like the world!”   Congo Wars
But, LWC is like so much of the typical American church, declaring to the world, NOT “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17 ESV)... But rather declaring a changed, new and politically correct, non confrontational message... “Come and join us for fun and games, look we are not that different from you. Sure we may slip in a little about Jesus, but it won't take long, and then we'll get right back to fun and games.

I am reminded of an experience shared by a Brother who has traveled the world in his ministry... He was in Africa, and in the building there were some teens having a discussion that was getting louder and louder... it grew quite heated...
Now being used to American boys he assumed it was about something like which sports team was better or was the X-Box better than the Nintendo...
But it was not... it was about whether Johnathan Edwards view was more Supralapsarianism or Infralapsarianism. ( SUPRALAPSARIANISM is the view that God, contemplating man as yet unfallen, chose some to receive eternal life and rejected all others...  INFRALAPSARIANISM (also known sometimes as "sublapsarianism") suggests that God's decree to permit the fall logically preceded His decree of election. )

“Theology!” These were teens in Africa, a country that most American Christians feel they need to send missionaries to... Yet their teens are not only debating Theology, but are excited to do so..

And here in the “supposedly” christian nation, the vast majority of our teens are having their intensity focused on “dodge ball”, and transforming the main wing of a Church into an “all out battle zone!”
Nothing mentioned about God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit, but just a mention that church is where they will meet, and that they get to turn part of the church into a all out battle zone! And that they highly recommend for students to prepare themselves for battle! (but they are NOT talking about a Christians battle here)

Wow! This may sound like I am trying to rain on their parade (circus), but I used to be part of shams like this. I only write in concern. I have net some of our older youth now, on the streets, and some are Atheists, some are Agnostic, and some although declaring they believe, are outwardly living sinfully.
I used to be part of these fun and silly and Pizza circuses that are so popular.

This is why I would not let my grandchildren go to 99% of so called church youth groups in this country. They generate excitement about a secular event, not excitement about Gods Word, but excitement about a secular event (their draw card),then they plan a party around it with food and games, then they will slip in a little message about God and try to guilt some kids into raising their hands to accept Jesus (as if He was the one who needed accepting), and then they can get back to the real reason they came... Fun and games... And then the leaders can report on Sunday that they had kids they led to the Lord...

Think I exaggerate? Watch how the kids gather for prayer time, and then watch the excitement and gleam in their eyes when they are dismissed to get back to playing war games, how they run, yell, and scream...
I am speaking of the majority here if not all, there may be some whos parents have read Scriptures with them every night and do have a focus on Christ over worldly things or maybe a child who does not have parents who attend church and read to them, but none the less, are excited about God.

Although it may not seem so, I write this out of concern not malice... I see a trend that is just continuing on a bad course.

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  1. Hello my Brother. If only you were exaggerating, if only you were off the mark, what a relief it would be to the vast amount of congregations in America. But its true, normally the youth are lead by other young leaders that have little to no knowledge of scripture, no experience in the power of God or the doctrines of grace. When these youth have been fed year after year with moralisms, legalistic arminian boot-strap pulling dependence upon their own will...they realize they cannot be Christians and walk away.
    Bad preaching and bad doctrines will only continue to turn the youth into moralists that deny Christ in College.

    Keep on preaching my friend and God bless your life and ministry

    Marvin Torgeson
    reformed Evangelist