I re-start my Blogging with a disturbing development with the Southern Baptist Church.
It has been several days now and I am still as disturbed as I first was when I seen it.

As an evangelist this movement is going counter-clockwise to the clock-wise direction of evangelism. It not only un-do’s what we preach in evangelizing but it add fuel to the fires of false religions.

 Russell Moore – Mosque Video

I watched this recorded YouTube video on June 16 2016.

What I seen shocked me.
I thought I was watching Obama’s snarky press secretary, shoot down a Fox news reporter who had a legitimate question, with a stupid and arrogant reply.
But I was watching a SBC Pastor ask a legitimate question to Russell Moore.
Then I watched Russell Moore not only arrogantly shoot down his question, but he basically “belittled” this Pastor.
Moore’s response that “Sometimes we have really hard decisions to make.  This isn’t one of those things” was nothing but Pride at its worst.
He said this to a SBC Pastor raising a concern, but the Pastor was squashed like he was an annoying bug.

Then Moore went on what seemed to me, to be a gloating session, basking in the mindless applause he was getting for stifling a legit question.

In his "snarky" response, Moore went on to say and define his version of what it means to be a Baptist by saying
What it means to be a Baptist is to support soul freedom for everybody.”

I say “his version” because that is what it is, although he paints a broad brush implying that if you are a Baptist, then you must think this way.

Now, did you catch that?    ???        Moore says Baptists are to Support something he calls Soul freedom?  And he adds for Everybody!

Remember now that he is specifically defending the “new” association that he and the “New SBC Hierarchy” are ushering in to the SBC.

Can you say Universalism and Co-Exist???    Does he have one of those bumper stickers on his car?  Is the COESIST symbol to be the new SBC icon?

Let’s take a step back…

Last week when I heard of Russell Moore’s approving of the Mosque issue in NYC, I had doubts of his firm stance on Christianity's 1st and 2nd Commandment. Not doubts of his Christianity, and I had even phrased it to other that it seemed like he wasn’t on the wrong path, but that the current steps he was taking in defending this association with Muslims were a steps off the path. Perhaps they were mis-steps, the start of a possible wandering away from the truth as I see that this is NOT a matter of a non-essential issue, but one of an essential issue.

This starts off with I believe a shunning of the 1st and 2nd commandments.
But I was giving him the benefit of a doubt, and waited for a further clarification.

This is before I seen this display of Prideful Arrogance and his standing next to whom I will refer to as mini-Benny Hinn, Ronnie Floyd (see Links below).

After seeing and watching this exchange, it looks like Russell Moore actually has both feet and eyes focused on the Universalism and American Christianity path. One that will enable the cash-flow from both existing and new churches to continue to flow into their cause.

It is a hard image for me seeing the pure Pride and the Blind Following that led to the belittling of the Pastor from Amarillo Arkansas. This new stance has made me put the SBC into the Category of Churches Not to attend unless vetted out by a true believer.

I realize that Russell Moore does NOT necessarily speak for all SBC churches, but this places those Churches in a position where they are now funding and supporting false religions. Something that many in the past have been Martyred over. That’s right, many have chosen death and had the faith that God will keep His church rather than fall into a compromise with Universalism as is being done here.

Yes, I am greatly disturbed in seeing the SBC become another Universalism Church.



Ronnie Floyd Naming and claiming at the SBC

Ronnie Floyd - SBC MegaChurch Says LGBT Community is the Chief Cornerstone

Ronnie Floyd “named” the promise of “raising dry bones to life”, and then later “claimed” it in the name of Jesus.
(Yeah.  No.  I’m not kidding.  No Gospel proclamation needed, just a name it and claim it procedure.)
Not only did  Floyd, and others, “name it and claim it” on a multitude of wrongly-interpreted “promises” of Scripture, he led the assembled to “pray down racism” – however one does that – and prayed for  “hedges of protection” to be divinely strewn all around – again, disregarding the assurance we have from Christ’s high priestly prayer.
See Sermon he gave -  (the event was broadcast on DayStar, sandwiched between “Breakthrough With Rod Parsley” and “Discover the Champion Within” Joel Osteen) 


Southern Baptists Help Build US Mosques in Interfaith Coalition

Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus defend New Jersey mosque


Baptists join diverse faith groups to support mosque-building effort

All need religious liberty, Baptist, others contend


Disclaimer: (Yes it is in fine print)

These posts are of my own view, and in no way reflect anyone else’s views. This is a form of expression that I am writing about as I grow and learn from life events that God places before me. They are NOT meant to be malicious. I am not a writer or editor by any means, so please excuse any corrections I may need to use to possibly clarify and mis-wordings or misunderstandings I may have posted. What I am saying is that it is possible I may need to re-word things from time to time as the English vocabulary and that many different interpretations can and do often vary, so a clearer defining of what I had meant to say may be needed.

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