Jaded Christianity

Jaded Christianity

 This posting is about how the average American Church gets jaded by the American culture.
(Given time, I could probably write a book on this)
I write this after seeing the picture below.

I have seen a jading, that is typically after having had too much of something then just getting used to it and accepting it as common or what more often happens is that the jaded issue gets ignored, trivialized, down-played, etc…

As an example, I have a neighbor who I have talked about the current issue of the State of Washington’s acceptance and pushing of tran5genderism onto kids through the public schools next year.

This person is a teacher and a Christian and seems convinced that this will not happen and seems to be jaded in my opinion as to what is happening around her.

But she is like many others, in fact I am hearing almost nothing in reaction to the news of what Washington is planning to do.

The picture below of an event happening in a State where that haven’t even gone as far as Washington shows just how far the Liberals will go, and that they have the power of the courts behind them to Force their twisted logic on us.


Washington is currently gearing for pushing this on us in a few short months, and unlike many who want to “react” once they have done it, Washington will be having the press primed with stories and pictures of children caught in this perverse logic.

They will be at phase 2 and getting ready for phase 3, while the jaded Christians will be trying to “react” to phase 1, not expecting that they will be vilified by not only the Legislators, but also the Courts, and the Press.

They will not be able to really address the issue, because they will be defending the accusations of bigotry. I have seen this tactic used by the Liberals with 100% success, and it catches the jaded Christians off guard 100% of the time, and I see it happening again.

As for me and my house, we will be preparing, looking into Homeschooling.

Jaded Christianity in America has led to the approval of much.

Many things that are going on today could have been avoided and even reversed in America, but they have not because of 2 things that I see.

1.       The watering down of the Gospel that has led to…

a.       No fear of the Lord being preached

b.      No Repentance being preached

c.       No fear of the Lord being preached = man is his own god

d.      No Repentance = Pridefullness

e.      Lack of Doctrines

f.        Lack of Doctrines = Each doing what is right in his own eyes

g.       Each doing what is right in his own eyes = Self centeredness

h.      Self centeredness =

2.       Jaded Christianity (not lack of faith)

By Jaded Christianity I do not mean a lack of faith. Yes it is good to trust God. Yet God gives accountability for our actions. He has given us the responsibility and ability to act and react to things around us.

Although we Trust in the Lord, and we know He fights our battles for us, at the same times I have never read or seen that we were to just sit back and do nothing, or to just live life and let God take care of everything.

Proverbs are full of actions we are to do and show consequences for things we do or don’t do. And the shape of the Nation we live in is a result of it.

I don’t thing any time in history has afforded any Christians the amount of influence that could have on a government and Nation, but clearly we can see how much the opportunity has been squandered. And I believe the Jading to things around us has been a major part of why the watering down of the Gospel has occurred, resulting in a vicious circle.

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