The day Voting Died

Dead, Dead, Dead.  
The Liberty of Voting has DIED Dead!

 Today we mourn the death of voting in America.
Killary Clinton, although guilty of many charges found by the FBI, has been found innocent by the FBI, and no charges will be filed.
Of course the spin on this decision attempts to make it sound legitimate, but anyone who can literally add 2 + 2 can see that there is no legitimacy in the (Sold-Out) FBI’s finding, I mean bribery.

I will not ever be able to cast an honest vote again in this country.
All the top layers have been bought and paid for.
Guilty or innocent has been decided BEFORE the trail even starts.
Elected or Not-Elected has been decided BEFORE the election even takes place.

The upcoming Election will be nothing more than a placebo, a farce, a mock up of an election to fool the many who have allowed this to happen by being too busy watching Dancing with the Stars or ESPN or the Kardashians or who ever they are.

This is a dire position the country is now in. Soon the 2nd Amendment will be taken away. The Obama Administration with the help of his EPA has already stripped down the Ammunition company’s ability to produce affordable ammunition.
The only thing holding it back for the present is the congress, but with the Rinos being exposed, more and more of them are openly showing their true colors and will be bribed into voting the 2nd Amendment out.

But more important than the 2nd Amendment is the re-writing of the 1st Amendment that is happening. It is a re-writing to exclude and eliminate Biblical Christianity.
I am speaking of the Gaystapo.
The Nazi-Type of the militant gay agenda. This includes their new offshoot of transgenderism and the upcoming legalization of incest, bestiality and pedophilia. They are on the agenda, and passing in Germany and Canada already.

On November 8th 2016 Killary will be APPOINTED President of the United States of America, APPOINTED, NOT VOTED IN, but APPOINTED in a 100% Total Phony Baloney False-Election

Conclusion: The vote in America is officially Dead  : (

Disclaimer: Anything short of a coup taking over and ousting of those in charge will mean nothing.

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