Russell Moore again edging the SBC towards the Wide Path…

Although it is a tragic event that 5 Dallas Police officers were killed due to Obama’s New Race War, it is still no event for Christians to drop their Bibles and sing Kumbaya with worshippers of False “gods”.

Now that may not be exactly what Moore was doing with this Tweet as he didn’t call for the SBC to worship with them, but it is another step on his “Inter-Faith” journey he is leading the SBC towards. I am speaking specifically of his arrogant standing on defending taking SBC money to build a Mosque in the name of “Inter-Faith” freedom.

Close up below...
If he had just opinioned that it was nice to see Obama and Bush working together on something, it would have been fine. But Moore shows the connection to the “inter-Faith” Kumbaya that he seems to have.
And this is not just some random member or a new Youth Pastor connecting and approving of this. It is supposedly a leader of the SBC who should know better and lead better, but instead he is approving of a worshipping Baal.
See the following for reference of the event.
P.S. still cannot find the verse or any verse showing it is biblical to recognize other faiths.
I keep coming with all other faiths are false and God being a jealous God, Hates them and warns about them constantly.

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