Cussing in the Pulpit and Presidency...

As Emergent Pastors are “Cussing” to be relevant to culture…

Odd thing, as I have been reading Ashamed of the Gospel by John MacArthur
I had finished reading about how Pastors are cussing to get attention “in the name of trying to be relevant”.
Even some using Gods name as a cussword.
Then today I came across this:

Obama Looking for 'Ass to Kick' for Oil Spill

And this reminded me of this overtake of the presidency, and how not only has Obama,sworn before but his Vice recently used the “F” bomb and was caught on mic.

It made news as did this, but in a month or so, like the Vice, people will not remember what it was concerning, just that Obama cussed (again).

In the same manner, I believe the most all of those hearing “pastors” using the “F” bomb and other words will not remember what it was in reference to, but just rather that it was used.

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