Duty, duty, duty...

Duty ! ?

A Christian has duties, obligations, works.
Not for Salvation, but because of the Salvation brought forth by Grace, these things flow from him in unstoppable waves.

In the last few weeks I have been modifying some of the tracts that I have written. I have been advised that they are too strong, and it is not a good thing to look like someone on the street corner protesting.

So in submission, I have been putting aside what is either my feelings or pride, so I presume. I have prayed for humility and guidance to let things work out, whet must be worked out.

But as I drive my car, I see the so-called Christian radio and TV station stickers on cars. I read about the decisions of so-called Christian leaders making news on the Internet. I talk to people and hear how some peoples idea of Church is watching Joel Osteen on TV or the second largest Church is a Church on the Internet and they are making it more and more available to people to "not attend or fellowship" but to watch their broadcast and be their member.

But as I read and study Jesus in Matthew, our Savior is continually pointing out false and dead religion. More than He does of Murder or adultery or most other sins.

Am I doing right by "not offending" people with this in a tract?
I was told that it is OK to mention this if it comes up while talking to people.
But not to put it on a tract.
I was told it does not look right on a tract, and there is no need to try and get attention to the tract with a unique design.

But the outward appearance of tracts that many use are pretty landscapes. The inside message is biblical and solid, but they look just like most other "Jesus Loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life" tracts.

And whole heartedly agree that I do not want a tract cover to shock for the sake of shock, but I want it as Spurgeon says, "a tract should be striking".

And in America, in our culture, which is so prideful and makes light of sin, even has one of its favorite destinations called "sin-city". In this land people need a wake up call, they need to read something and say, "is that really true"? Not read something and just go along with it whether it is true or not.

Do we NOT have a duty to express as truthfully and in as honest of a manner the truth of the false-dead religion in most of America masquerading as Christianity?

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