Tract Writing Obsession…

I am in the middle of writing several Tracts.
And on each one the biggest challenge I have are NOT the Atheists, or Deniers of faith, but the Claimers of faith, the professing Christians that about 80% plus will go to.
I imagine my family or friends, who have been inoculated with American Christianity…
I can see them starting to read what the tract says, and nodding along, going with the flow, stuck in the agreement pattern without even taking the time to examine ones self. As I have done for over 40 years.
Getting them to look at themselves…
Getting them to see that Jesus is more like a key fob to them than their Lord and Savior.
Getting them to just consider taking the Bible and Jesus Words serious.

As I know most of the people who these tracts will go to are “proclaiming Christians”, I find myself trying to hammer in on getting them to see the wolves in sheep’s clothing all around them, and to look at the goat-food (doctrine) they are currently eating as opposed to the sheep-food (doctrine) that the Bible displays.
Even though they look similar at a glance, one only needs to stop, and start to examine them, and one will soon see a dichotomy, opposites of what America teaches a verse says as opposed to what the Bible actually says the verse really means.

And I know that Salvation is of the Lord, not a method, program, or clever tract.
But I also do know that I am responsible for conveying what I do know and to the best of the abilities that God enables me to do them.

So Pray for me for guidance.

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