Country Music junk...

Strangeness in Radio Land.
As I was driving in my wife's car, and she listens to Country Music, I listened for some time between several trips. I found that most songs were actually either about boozing, cheating, or some aspects of Adultery, put into a Country Poetic song.
Also with in an hour's time between 2 songs I heard 1 that was a good song, and in it no booze or adultery, and even mentioned a Church of Christ with no room due to good attendance. But after a short while later, there was a song with a cowboy singing just how "Hot" the preachers daughter was.
Being honest, there were a few other songs that were just good time songs to sing along with, but the majority was still what I remember of Country Music... Boozing, 2-Timing, Cheating, and Stealing another fella's gal...

Just an observation.

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