They had a request...

The Disciples said
We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard”.
Think of the fate of those the enemy “has taken captive… to do his will.”
While many are content with “Bible Study night,” take a team and go to the unsaved.
Go to the darkness of this world and bring the light of the Gospel...

As I was reading this from Ray Comfort it struck a chord of what happened this past weekend.
We had gone to the Cotee River Seafood Fest, and shared the Gospel with many. We had been there about 2 hours, when we were approached by a couple who claimed to be fellow Christians.

They had a request…

“Please stop passing out tracts, we are Christians too, but we don’t want you to pass out tracts here.”
When I asked if they were officials with the River Fest they said no.
They said they were concerned Christians.
Their concern was that… And I quote…
“We are afraid that if you can spread the word about Christianity… then Satanists can come in here and do the same thing!”

They were particularly experienced at avoiding answering and Christian questions asked of them.
With each of these questions I asked…
“ Are we not commanded to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere?”
“What is more important, spreading the Gospel or worrying about a few possible Satanists?”
“How will they be able to identify the Satanists, if they have not heard Christ preached?”
“What is more important to you, obeying Jesus, or worrying about man made rules?”

With each of the above questions I asked, they answered…
“Please, we are Christians too, and are asking you as politely as possible to leave!”

It was a repeating loop, they would not answer questions. They only stated their cause.

As we were on our way out when this happened, I ended telling them that we were soon to depart, and would be handing them out on the way out of the park.
They seemed happy we were going and then left.

It was odd, that in 4+ years of going to this fest, this was the only time I was asked to leave. And it was by 2 people claiming to be Christians. Yet their actions gave away their hearts desires, which was to deny Christ in favor of man. This is a typical American Christianity that I see played out more and more.

Another oddity, is that as these were NOT the only ones unhappy with us being there. There were several people who voiced things like Jesus was not real, and the Gospel was just our opinion, and the Bible is a man made book... None of those people, happy or not, asked us to leave. They just denied the Scriptures and Gospel, but respected our rights to spread the Gospel.

The only ones that did ask us to leave were American Christians...

By the way... there were many there who not only accepted a tract or conversation about the Gospel, but who thanked us, whether they agreed or not.

P.S. I look forwards to next year, NOT to confront those who oppose the spreading of Gods Word, but to confront those who do not know the Gospel, with the Gospel.

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  1. Nice work, soldier!
    Yes, we must always remember that the real enemy lurks behind every denial of Christ, His divinity, denial of truth, refusal of Biblical truth...
    Their objections indicate the rebellion of sin at work at the hearts of men...
    Contra Mundum!