God Loves everybody???

As I was writing a new Tract, I heard a new Christian DJ announce on the airwaves... “God Loves EVERYONE!” Her father taught her this, and she believes it.
I have a question here...
Is that in the Bible?
You can pull it out of the Bible, but if you read the Bible from cover to cover, is that really in the Bible?
Or does the Bible say something different, and this is misquoted?
Gossip Magazines in the Grocery store's check-out counter are some of the best examples of quoting people out of the context of what they really said.

This has been done with Christianity on a huge scale. From America's favorite Mega-Church Preachers Joel Osteen & Rick Warren, down to simple home churches, America has bought into man-centered preaching rather than than God-centered preaching. A preaching that makes God a debtor to mans decisions.

God Loves EVERYBODY???
Better take a scissors and black marker to your Bible and be ready to cut out and cover up a lot of Scripture.
Or just exclude the books in the Bible that don't subscribe to this man-centered idea. Here are a few books (not in order) and a small part of Scripture from each book... that when in context, prove that God does not love everyone.
Romans – 9:13 “Jacob I have loved, but Esau I hated....”
Genesis – 7:21 “And all flesh died that moved on the earth, ... and all mankind.” (Women, Children...)
Ephesians – 2:3 “...were by nature children of wrath...”
John – 8:44 “You are of your father the devil...”
Psalm – 5:5 “you hate all evildoers.”

There are many more throughout the Bible that prove God does not love everybody.

My point is to point out that there is in America (un-like the Bible) a front-runner that starts off, even before the Gospel is attempted to be preached (which in America is usually only half of the Gospel), but there is a front-runner to this that basically says...
"Now, now people, relax, the message I have is an easy message, one which you will like, and it will bring you peace on earth."

How does that line up with what Jesus said:
"Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!"

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