Year of our Lord 05212010 - Infant baptism...

In Monergism there is featured 2 MP3 views on infant baptism. Here
I have not listened to them yet.

But the 2 speakers are John MacArthur (against) and RC Sproul (for)

I am not sure if I will have time to listen to these, but will try.
However I would NOT be going into this with an open mind.

I have seen and experienced too much of the damage done through infant baptizing.
My whole family, many people I meet.
If you dig, it is to them a "requirement" that they feel they met.
A false assurance that they have Gods seal on them.

Many in the Mob or Mafia are of opinion that their place in Heaven is sealed because they were baptized.

Thayt is all I have on this for now...

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