More strangeness from Catholics…

In the popes latest statementAnd here...

In these short articles we can see just how works based and self appointing the Roman religion really is.
The second article is startling as I was unaware that Mary came back to earth, or that she was even raised up yet. But then again, this should not startle me with a cult.

But to the main thrust of the articles…
The pope takes a right step identifying that the main attack is from within their cult.
But then he deflects and doublespeak’s…
By this I mean he offers up works to be done, and then he calls for pardon and justice.


If this tragedy hit anywhere else, like a big company, criminal charges and persecution (in the legal sense) would have ensued. But they are immune to even such hideous crimes as homosexual sexual predator and abuse on children. Not to mention all the cover up.
It is Version clear for the most part that they are not sorry so much for the crimes and all that surround them, as they are that they got caught.

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