Cotee River Seafood fest...

Yesterday we went to the Cotee River Seafood Fest... It was much lighter this year than most years. But there were still a lot of people there. And the Lord created an opportunity to pas out many Gospel Tracts and talk to many. However this year had a lot more people resist accepting a Tract or conversation and there seemed to be a hostility in the air that has not been so before.
And the odd thing was that the longest conversation was with 2 people who called themselves Christians. They spent about 20 + minutes trying to get us not to preach the Gospel in the park, and their reasoning was that if we could preach Christ, then Satanists could spread their lies. ??? They never would answer any questions, they just kept claiming they were Christians and saying that if "we" had our rights, then Satanists would have their rights. ??? However, there were those in our paths who thanked us for the tracts and conversation.

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